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Inspired by the great variety of flora found around the globe, Mountain Laurel Floral was started to share the wonders of nature in non-organic spaces. Nature has proven to give energy and insight to our days which typically can be consumed with indoor tasks. Our floral design style is focused on motion and offers a structural take on a delicate, garden feel. We love to add obscure pieces in nature into each design, bringing the seasonal outdoor experience to each client.


It is our joy to interact with each unique couple looking for florals to complete the wedding of their dreams. Our boutique business style allows us the time to understand exactly what you are looking for and stay in close communication through-out the wedding planning process. Clients share that our customer attentiveness and day of, floral services raise Mountain Laurel Floral to the top of their wedding planning experience! Let’s talk about your wedding or upcoming event.



Owner & Lead Designer

Owner and lead designer, Laura Yap, was born into a long lineage of East Coast master gardeners, with a childhood among the wilds of the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts and an MBA, she worked and lived in Indonesia, Japan and Brazil for nearly a decade. Life and culture in these countries play into the design style for Mountain Laurel Floral. Laura now calls Austin home, and enjoys this vibrant city with her family. As a follower of Jesus, she considers the creative process a form of celebration of the earth God gave us to take care of and enjoy.


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